You select a good design, add content pages, upload products, activate e-commerce tools and publish your site. Done creating. Now you want to have visitors but even more important you want those visitors to navigate and browse through your site in a frequent basis.

Simply building a website is not going to do the work to increase visits from zero to over a hundred in a month. Most of the work comes later with SEO tools, constant updates and relevant content, but one of the keys to increase web traffic is to keep your visitors active.

- Experience with multimedia. Videos tend to hold the attention of visitors more than a block of words . Try to experiment with everything from videos showcasing your products and a backstage tour of your mort and brick business .

- Make your content easy to read. Having relevant information readability is a way to attract and keep visitors on a site. Long and dense texts will make people run away from you.

- Make internal and external links. Introduce your visitors into multiple content options that might interest them. A simple way to keep people on your site is adding links to other pages related to your site. These links also increase SEO.

- Active social buttons. Show visits your social networks in your homepage and in the other pages of your site. Make your content shareable keep them aware of the presence of your business in social networks and blogs.

- CTA. If you want your visitors to stay on your site, you might as well ask them to do something. For example, suggest them to share the last entry of your blog or some product. Visits can not read your mind, so do not hesitate to tell them to do a specific action.

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Social networks and interaction play an important in your web marketing and in search engine rankings. To most people SEO seems complicated, but be not afraid. Dynamic and interesting content with sums of interaction can optimize your business website in search results.

Optimize your social media profiles

The key in social media is to be very descriptive. Always complete the About and Contact pages on your website and social profiles. Use words or phrases that best describe your business, also terms that people would use to find you on search engines. For example, to optimize your Facebook page for local searches, it’s critical that you include your address, city, state and zip code. Always activate the social buttons on your site.

Fuel your content and updates on your social networks

When updating your content on your social profiles include keywords that you previously determined in your website pages. It’s important to diffuse the content from your website though every different social network and to include if possible the name the business in a form of hashtag. This helps Google associate keywords that you use to describe your business with your website.

Increase link building by sharing content

Social promotion gives visibility to your brand. The Likes , 1+, retweets and repins have a lot of influence when you’re trying to share content on the web and when you publish relevant information SEO improves. Building internal and external links are key elements to optimize your website in search results.

Use Pinterest

This social network is great for link building and improving words performance in search results. Amplify the visibility of your content by adding keywords in the title of a board and in the description. Google prefers high resolution images so keep in mind the quality when uploading photos.

Presence in Google Plus

What better way to give your business positioning by having presence in the most important search engine social network . Be sure to complete all fields with details describing your business to the public. Google also allows you to add links to other networks and sites within the listing, so take this opportunity to link.

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In a previous post we gave you the first five tips to engage and win customers with social media. Today we continue with the second part of this article to help you maximize your business marketing through social networks tools.

- Engage listening to your customers. Asking your customers an opinion about a new release is an effective way to actively interact and make them part of your business.

- To influence you must interact with your followers as equals. Trying to reach out customers by selling your products at once will not work. As in life, every relationship grows slowly and with positive experiences. Relevant and specific content should be a priority on your posts.

- Give your business a happy face with social media. Social networks also allow you to share the things that you love . Combine related content to your business with things that inspire you.

- Your business should be social. Link social networks to your website and turn them into an integral part of your marketing strategy. Sell your products in Facebook and let your customers share and recommend what your business offers.

- Be willing to learn more. When you listen you learn, so pay attention to your followers to discover opinions, trends and tastes. Dedicating a short time every day can help you know something new or have an idea to boost your business.

The effectiveness of social media for your business marketing and sales is a great opportunity that sums up. Stay tuned with new trends and what your customers use every day to make the most of your loyal fan base.

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The average attention span on people is approximately 8 seconds and experts say that the interest of a consumer is much less. This means you have to make your homepage a fun and useful magnet in order to grab in a few seconds the visitors attention.

We have seen many sites trying to condense all the information and images on the main page like some classified ad, making very difficult to assimilate the site purpose in seconds and driving away visitors. It’s best to go for for something simple but meaningful, relevant, and a message that summarizes your business in a few smart words. Remember, less is more .

- Sell ​​your products. A potential customer wants to know one thing: what is there for them? Don’t leave room for doubt and go forward saying the benefits and solutions of your products right away. Visitors look for immediate solutions, so don’t take them to make their own conclusions.

- Have an impact. Selling a product requires going beyond of what you say, and if I must say, shout it simple and in an effective manner. A killer home page is created with short texts and eye-catching images.

- Motivate for more. Your homepage will always be the first impression your visitors will have of your online business. Therefore, this page must be both a preview of what they will see and should act as a trigger for navigating the site.

Keep in mind that visitors arrive to a website with two specific things in mind: To buy something or to find a solution. They enter without knowing what to expect and probably not knowing what your business does . In that sense, focus as a brand experience and inspire them with your products and solutions.

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If your business sells fashion, these tips will provide you the tools to keep up with trends, boost your message and enhance your online store.

Take advantage of seasons

Fashion is always associated to holidays, special occasions, seasons of the year or anything. Each event is an opportunity to anticipate your customers , update your site with seasonal products and increase your marketing efforts to stay on top of the market.

Clothing Sales Best When Shown In 3D

The only way your visitors can buy on your website is looking at images. Having someone that can pose as a model to take pictures from different angles to show up what you offer is always better. If you want to highlight textures take close ups photos of the details.

Add More Variety Of Products

Buying online is different from buying in a brick and mortar store, so it’s important to make everything look flawless and make sure the photos show what it is. High quality digital cameras and editing programs everything becomes handy and easy so that the pictures of your products are attractive.

Give Your Customers More Options

Don’t forget to always upload related products on each item you sell. This increases the chances that your customers buy multiple items. Also you can recommend in products descriptions.

Turn Your Customer An Expert

Allow visitors to share your products on social media, especially on Pinterest, that has more impact on fashion, trends and accessories than any other network. Try to describe creatively and accurately all the items in your e-shop. Look for ideas in magazines, competitors, and catalogs to find the perfect words.

Today we begin 2014 with high hopes, new projects, and the aim to continue making our contributions to entrepreneurs and small businesses a like. It’s also the time to thank all Neositers, whose valuable contributions have made us greater. Big thank you!

Like all fresh beginnings, January is the perfect time to contemplate the things that we want to accomplish and improve on in the new year. Here are five resolutions that will help you achieve your goals of growth and boost your businesses in 2014.

1. Update your site twice a week

Creating new pages and generating new content every week will help leverage your site on search engines. You can write blog entries, add products to your E-shop, upload photos and videos, or just relevant information about your industry that your customers might find useful. Keeping this resolution will definitely have a positive impact on Google.

2. Send more emails to customers

Email marketing is one of the simplest and most effective strategies for driving traffic to your website. Also it will increase sales opportunities and build stronger relationship with your customers. It’s not enough to send email notifications of relevant and current content every once in a while,but better to send email notifications to clients once or twice a week.

3. Be more attention-grabbing in social media

Your business is missing client loyalty by not engaging fans and customers. Long term relationships are synonymous with consistent sales and good publicity for your brand. Ask yourself if the social profiles of your business are sufficiently interesting enough to make you a follower. Remember that in social networks a cool and inspiring message has more impact than a sales post.

4. Invest in new contact points with you customers

Technology has opened the doors to new ways to communicate and connect with customers. Emails, chats, forums, contact pages, Facebook, or Twitter, are all ways to contact your customers. Ask you loyal fan base where and how they would like your business to reach out to them, and then focus on that.

5. Think Local

Mobile users are constantly interacting with things and places that are around them. The online world has become an essential place for businesses to connect with their local community. Be sure to add the map and the physical address of your business on the contact page and enhance your site in the local search results.

Happy New Year and cheers to a successful 2014 for all!

When the biggest search engine officially launched its social network in 2011 almost nobody predicted that Google + would reach the importance it has today to online businesses, ranking second in the list of active social networks.

While 72 of the 100 biggest brands in the world have presence in this network, almost 40% of these have not posted any content in their profiles. But when you consider that Google’s search engine is the most powerful in the world, businesses should definitely not ignore this social network. Google+ is helping to grow and increase search results positions.

- Impulse. According to Business Insider, Google + had a rapid growth. The boom is so remarkable that it already surpassed Twitter in social networking rankings with most active users.

- Growth. Compared to other social networks users spend twice as much time connected to Google + and the trend seems to be increasing. As more people connect, the platform will generate more traffic.

- SEO. Needless to say, a strong presence in Google + is directly related to its search engine. This is only a step to climb over in search results, but it’s worth doing.

- Links. Make sure to link other sites through your profile to boost all your marketing efforts. As more people get involved with your business, sharing your posts and links become useful tools.

- Images. With its new design Google + gives more relevance to images, also adding hashtags to words of each post can help segment your content to appear in searches related to your field.

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Searching new clients is one of the most important challenges of every business website. Another test is how to retain, and convert visitors in faithful followers of what you offer. Part of this process can be achieved if you anticipate customers’ needs by presenting your site and products in a very simple way. They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication…

Here are four examples of things you can do to attract new buyers and turn them into regular customers.

- Follow long term needs and desires of your customers. Interact with them on social media, listen carefully to their comments and suggestions. This will help you have a vision of what your customers want to keep them by your side.

- Examine what you offer. As much as you know your products and services it’s essential to explore more benefits. If you have identified the needs of your customers, the next step is to seek more opportunities of your products to provide extra solutions.

- Remind your customers when to buy. To retain your customers remind them from time to time that your business is present with new products, promotions and new releases. E-mail marketing campaigns and messages through social networks can boost your business presence.

- Explore how to send your products. Adding contact details of your business to the package of your products is a smart move. These kinds of strategies are simple but can help maintain your customers satisfied and your business on the right track.

Anticipate the needs of your customers’ to keep them on your side without the temptation of switching to the competition. Let your business serve as inspiration.

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Today Pinterest has 70 million users and is set as the fastest growing social platform. The visually driven network has a great potential for businesses that want to display products and boost e-commerce sales.

Pinterest users are different from other major social networks mainly because most people use it for inspiration. Whether hosting a party, planning a wedding, redesigning the house, looking for a pair of shoes or just a recipe for dinner, the pin network will help guide consumers in purchase decisions.

- Content is reusable. Unlike most social networks where immediacy is crucial for posting content with impact, Pinterest users can repin an old photo and at the same time generate attention.

- Theme boards. By having different boards users can organize products, enabling customers to understand better their business and the main focus of the store.

- Inspiration. Share photos of your business but also publish creative content from other brands and users. Post stuff that inspires others to look into your products and website.

– Your personal voice. Pinterest allows you to express your personality more that other social networks. Show your followers that there is a funny side creating a board based on things that inspire you. This will help your buyers connect more with your business.

Does your business have an active presence on Pinterest?

You cannot deny that a portion of your day is probably spent on social media. Many of us use social media for a variety of reasons. For small businesses its a great way to connect with clients and to demonstrate your a small businesses that cares about its consumers.

Additionally, social media is the perfect landscape for small business to build strong relationship with customers. Understanding social means, to see, to listen and to care about the clients. The focus should be on people and not the business.

- Social networks are the first point of contact with businesses. We could say that social is the new PR and where visitors verify the legitimacy of businesses, its products and reputation. Social networks leave the job of public relations to the media to spread the word.

- Communicate through networks that best suit your customers. Offer your customers the possibility to contact your business through different channels. Facebook remains the most popular but you should certainly have presence on other networks. Other examples are Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, you know what I’m talking about!

- Authenticity. Make each decision based on the values that define your business. Know your limits and remember that genuineness is a process, not a goal. Clients can smell b.s. through a social media portal, so be genuine.

- Listen carefully before engaging. Social networks are to interact but sometimes businesses focus solely on talking instead of having a dialogue with customers. Listen to learn, and then reply. Remember conversations are two sided and listening and responding is 60% and 40%.

- Connect instead of collecting followers. It is better to have followers who participate instead of having many fans that follow you for no reason at all. The key is to connect and interact with the fans who really are interested in your business.It is and shall always be, quality, not quantity.